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July 5 (Thu) 15:00 ~ July 16 (Mon) 18:00
※ Visiting the ticket booth during the film festival (20 ~ 29 July)
Submit the booking form including the title(s), the code number(s), the date, the showing theater of the film(s) you’d like to book along with your name and the contact.

※ Each individual is limited to only 4 tickets purchase for a single film.
※ Tickets that have sold out for online reservation can be bought on the day of the screening at the ticket booth on first-come-first-served basis.
Cash (Korean Won)
Other monetary means are unavailable.
Admission tickets will be made available at the ticket booth of the first film you’ve booked after checking personal information(your name and your contact).
(i.e. If you've booked the films on the 20th , 22th and 23th, you'll pay the tickets in cash on the 20th before you see the first film you've booked.)

※ It will be made available to take tickets until 30 minutes prior to the film screening.
※ If you don't pay the tickets which you've booked by online, the booking(whole booking films) is automatically cancelled.
The issued tickets CANNOT be refunded or cancelled once they're ticketed.
The change of Booking is available until July 16 (Mon) 18:00 by e-mail(ticket@pifan.com).

※ If you don't pay the tickets you've booked until 30 minutes prior to the first film you've booked, the booking is automatically cancelled.
1) You cannot book Opening/Closing film through this process.
2) You can see Open Cine Parade section without booking or ticketing.
3) The Tickets will not be replaced and re-issued if lost or damaged
4) Late entry may not be admitted once the screening starts, please arrive the theater prior to the screening.
5) Admission is strictly controlled according to film rating.
(Children under 7 are not allowed in the screenings. Under-age ticket holders will not be admitted to screenings with 18-rated and X-rated restriction, and screenings in Forbidden Zone section.)
6) All audiences must have a ticket to enter the theater and watch the film.
7) Tickets can be used only for designated dates and periods.
8) Tickets cannot be reissued if lost or damaged.
9) Taking photos or videos and food are not allowed in the theaters.
For More Detailed Information, visit www.pifan.com
or send the e-mail to ticket@pifan.com