Cheeky Man


Info 15 ke  35mm / Color /
Director LEE Hyung Pyo
Country Korea
Release 1970
Running Time 81 Min
Category Feature / Fiction
Code Theater Time
525 Primus Cinema Sopoooong 11 07/24  14:00

A man posing as the author of a famous fortune-telling book appears in Seoul to propagate his own religion. He lives in the house of Mrs. Yoon who introduces herself as the chief of the religion"s Seoul parish. He has suite, whose name are Su San and Hae Cheon. Intentional ignorance of chronology of story time creates a weird sense of comedy.

Director : LEE Hyung Pyo

He started working for the film industry by translating American PR film. In 1958, he took classes in screenwriting, directing, camera at Shin Film. He debuted as a director with Under the Sky of Seoul(1961). Throughout 25 years of career in film, he made more than 80 films