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Hi5teria 15 ne

Chairun NISSA / Harvan AGUSTRIANSYA / Adriyanto DEWO / Nicholas YUDIFAR / Billy CHRISTIAN | Indonesia | 2012 | 94 Min | Feature / Fiction

HI5TERIA is a 5 Thriller Omnibus produced by Starvision & Upi Production, and directed by 5 young promising director.


The Theatre Bizarre 18 e

Douglas BUCK / Buddy GIOVINAZZO / David GREGORY / Karim HUSSAIN / Jeremy KASTEN / Tom SAVINI / Richard STANLEY | Canada, USA, France | 2011 | 114 Min | Feature / Fiction

Down a seedy city street, a young woman is obsessed with what appears to be a long abandoned theatre. One night, she sees the front door slightly ajar and impulsively decides to sneak inside. But there in the va..