No offense


Info 15 ke  35mm / Color /
Director SHIM Wu Seob
Country Korea
Release 1971
Running Time 93 Min
Category Feature / Fiction
Code Theater Time
334 Primus Cinema Sopoooong 11 07/22  12:00

Young Shik and Do Rie comes to Seoul with no specific plan. Do Rie who couldn"t get a job thinks it"ll be easy to be employed if he is a woman. Then he disguises himself as a woman, who later succeeds as a popular actress named Jin Ah on TV. Min Su who fell in love with Jin Ah brings her(him) to his parents for introduction.

Director : SHIM Wu Seob

He showed mature technique across Casting, Production, Camera, Edit, Photography and more. His work contributed to establish comedy genre as a mainstream success in early days of the Korean film industry.