• Kimchi Themepark

  • Pearl S. Buck Memorial Hall (Free)

    The Pearl S. Buck Memorial Hall was established by renovating the previous Sosa Hemangwon that has operated for 10 years since 1967. It displays 232 showcase pieces to succ..

  • Museum of Local History (Free)

  • Haneon(Hanjun) Tombstone (Free)

  • byeonjongin Tombstone (Free)

  • Gogang-dong Prehistoric sites (Free)

  • Bucheon Pottery Museum (Free)

    Planned to open in October 2011, the Bucheon Pottery Museum will display various potteries from different times and regions, and will teach visitors about the origin of Jeo..

  • Water Museum (Free)

    Here you can learn and experience the bitth, death, use history and value of water through diverse images and exhibitions. Especially, you can see the entire production pro..

  • Museum of Suseok (Free)

    It is a domestic sole museum of Suseok(styled stone), which is set up with 2,000 exhibits of home and overseas Suseok and related data, Under the basic concept of providing..

  • Museum of Bow (Free)

    As a place to show the ancestors’ spirit and wisdom, this museum displays 240 relics of Jang Hwan Kim, Major intangible Cultural Properties No.47 from Bucheon, and 33..

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