Congratulating for the 16th edition of Puchon Fantastic Film Festival, Mog Interactive was most honored to have an opportunity to work together for the festival trailer as well as the official poster. Because of such, the part we were struggled till the very last minute of making trailer was the connectivity with the poster visuals. "Film festivals are not only a mere promotion of seeing a film in a theater, but a true festival for people who love films that we wanted to fully express. Opening the magic map, through the wood, stepping into more closer, there are various characters and people who are enjoying fantastic film giving an idea that 'this is where I want to be too'."

If this concept is shown with a single image within the poster, the trailer unravels the main concept of the poster, 'a journey to the fantastic festival with a magic map', with more descriptive details heightening the use of video medium.

If we could have a fantastic experience to actually meet the various characters from the poster when we visit the festival, I would smile and reach out my hand for a friendly handshake. Then take a picture together with a smile. PiFan could be such a magical place.