Flying with You

Love Comedy

Info G ne  HD / Color / 6/5.1 Channel
Director Zhang LI
Country China
Release 2012
Running Time 96 Min
Category Feature / Fiction
Premiere World Premiere
Cast Jimmy LIN, JANG Nara
Code Theater Time
204 Bucheon City Hall 07/21  20:00
312 CGV Bucheon 1 07/22  18:00

The Cang Lang special troop as well as the other secret team are launching a massive manhunt in the virgin forest. It seems they have the same destination, the kidnapper Xu Yifan and the victim He Qianqian. They finally go out of the virgin forest through various difficulties thanks to Xu Yifan’s soldier background and rich experiences.

Director : Zhang LI

The early works of his are all military films. He dabbled in TV serials from the 1990s. Several TV serials of his have been screened on CCTV and are ebullient. He is honored by many film festivals and ceremonies as the best screenwriter and director.