Info 15 e  D-Cinema / Color /
Director Tanya WEXLER
Country UK / France / Germany / Luxembourg
Release 2011
Running Time 95 Min
Category Feature / Fiction
Premiere Korean Premiere
Cast Maggie GYLLENHAAL, Hugh DANCY, Jonathan PRYCE
Code Theater Time
348 LOTTE CINEMA Bucheon 7 07/22  17:00
412 CGV Bucheon 3 07/23  20:00

The young physician Dr. Mortimer Granville gets a job to help Dr. Dalrymple who runs a successful practice treating women. He seems to be good at massaging getting a sizable following. The job is strenuous and his hand musculature is unable to keep up with the task.

Director : Tanya WEXLER

She attended the Columbia University School of the Arts and received her MFA in Film direction where she made two short films: The Dance and Cool Shoes. She previously directed the feature films, Ball in the House and Finding North. She recently directed the critically acclaimed and festival darling Hysteria.