Ghost Day

Ghost Comedy

Info 15 ne  Beta / Color / 4 Channel
Director Thanit JITNUKUL
Country Thailand
Release 2012
Running Time 92 Min
Category Feature / Fiction
Premiere International Premiere
Cast Apisit Opas-eiamlikhit, Pimladapa WRIGHT
Code Theater Time
118 CGV Bucheon 7 07/20  14:00
729 LOTTE CINEMA Bucheon 2 07/26  14:00

‘Ghost Day’, the Ghost show variety is about to be kicked out from the TV station because its rating is falling down. The production crews has to change style of the program into live ghost exorcism by Master Kia, the famous exorcist. But on the shooting day, the Ghost Day crew is surprised by Master Kia’s two rascal disciples Mhen and Chiad appear instead.

Director : Thanit JITNUKUL

He had started to be a director since 1985. Now for many twenty movies he had directed and produced guarantee that he is the top experienced director of Thai cinemas and never stop doing what he loves. In 2000, Bang Rajan the legend of the village’s warriors is claimed that it was the masterpiece of his works. He got many film awards from this movie.