Super Virgin

Love Comedy

Info 15 ke  HD / Color / Stereo
Director BACK Seung Kee
Country Korea
Release 2012
Running Time 105 Min
Category Feature / Fiction
Premiere World Premiere
Cast BACK Seung Kee, SEONG chung kyeong, SON Lee Yong
Code Theater Time
342 LOTTE CINEMA Bucheon 2 07/22  11:00
703 KOREA MANHWA MUSEUM 07/26  17:00
912 LOTTE CINEMA Bucheon 1 07/28  20:00

There is a thirty years old man Won June who works at a small civic group. The normal life which is having careers, getting married, and having a relationship is the difficult thing. to him. One day, a bioengineering doctor suggests a medical experiment on a living body to him.

Director : BACK Seung Kee

Born in 1982, he finished the course of Department Graduated in Arts Education Department, In-ha University. And he is now director and CEO of an indie film corp, ‘Ggureo-gi Studio’. He directed several short films. Super Virgin(2012) is his first feature film.