Blood-C: The Last Dark

Fight Vampire

Info 18 ne  HD / Color / Stereo
Director SHIOTANI Naoyoshi
Country Japan
Release 2012
Running Time 106 Min
Category Feature / Animation
Premiere International Premiere
Code Theater Time
108 KOREA MANHWA MUSEUM 07/20  20:00
506 KOREA MANHWA MUSEUM 07/24  20:00

A group called Sirrut, in particular, has declared war on Fumito Nanahara, a man whose great influence at both political and economic level has virtually made him the ruler of Tokyo. While the Sirrut is searching a lead of enemy, monster appeared and attack people. At this moment, one girl who has a Japanese sword in hand stands firmly in front of the monster.

Director : SHIOTANI Naoyoshi

Born in 1977, he is one of Japan"s most promising young animation creators. His directorial debut, Tokyo Marble Chocolate (2007) was awarded with the Grand Prize in the Feature Films Section of SICAF 2008. With Blood-C: The Last Dark(2012), that marks his directorial debut in a full-length theatrical feature film.