Space Brothers


Info 12 ne  HD / Color / Stereo
Director MORI Yoshitaka
Country Japan
Release 2012
Running Time 129 Min
Category Feature / Fiction
Premiere International Premiere
Cast OGURI Shun, OKADA Masaki
Code Theater Time
210 CGV Bucheon 1 07/21  12:00
406 KOREA MANHWA MUSEUM 07/23  20:00
1006 KOREA MANHWA MUSEUM 07/29  14:00

Two brothers are fascinated by space and spend their days thinking about space and gazing up at the starry sky. As children, the older brother, curly-haired Mutta and the younger brother, spiky-haired Hibito saw an UFO flying to the moon and promised each other that one day they will go to space together. Nineteen years since then…

Director : MORI Yoshitaka

Born in 1979. In 2001, he joins TVMAN UNION. After directing various TV programs and documentaries, in 2008, his first feature film Hyakuhachi won the Kaneto Shindo Silver Prize, New Directors Award and Jury’s Special Award at the Yokohama Film Festival for its well-made direction and comedy sense.