For Love’s Sake

Info 15 ne  HD / Color / Dolby Digital
Director MIIKE Takashi
Country Japan
Release 2012
Running Time 134 Min
Category Feature / Fiction
Premiere Asian Premiere
Cast TSUMABUKI Satoshi, TAKEI Emi, SAITOH Takumi, ONO Ito
Code Theater Time
821 Bucheon Gymnasium 07/27  19:00
902 Bucheon City Hall 07/28  14:00

This year PiFan will announce its closing with utmost dedication to the film by Miike Takashi, about ‘Love and Truth,’ based on the comic of the same name.
Ai would do anything for Makoto. She transfers a bad boy Makoto to a private school her father runs. She even works part-time at the cafe to earn money for his allowance. Despite of her blind devotion, Makoto’s bad behavior does not stop and eventually he drops out of school. Ai soon gets kidnapped by high school girl gang who are jealous of her. To make matters worse, yakuza starts to threaten Makoto. Will Makoto save Ai against the gang and yakuza?
Tsumabuki Satoshi plays Makoto Daiga, who seems to be right out of the character from the comic. And Ami Takeshi, a rising star plays Ai Saotome who loves Makoto. In a flow of Japanese cinema where TV shows, games and comics are adapted into theatrical films, the best work that will be the role model of the new genre is born.
With a solid plot and heroic, graceful action scenes together with each character’s comical musical, a genre master Miike Takashi’s another masterpiece was added to his filmography. The ending scene where hidden secrets are revealed is moving.

Director : MIIKE Takashi

After graduating from the Yokohama Vocational School of Broadcast and Film, he has continued to make over various projects at a dynamic pace no matter what the genre. Thirteen Assassins(2010) was in competition at the Venice Film Festival and Ichimei(2011) was in competition at the Cannes Film Festival. As Japan’s busiest director, he takes center stage when it comes to international attention.