Ghost Sex

Info 18 e  35mm / Color / Dolby SR
Director Ken RUSSELL
Country UK
Release 1986
Running Time 87 Min
Category Feature / Fiction
Premiere Korean Premiere
Code Theater Time
124 Primus Cinema Sopoooong 10 07/20  11:00
236 Primus Cinema Sopoooong 11 07/21  18:00

Story of the night that Mary Shelley gave birth to the horror classic "Frankenstein." Personal horrors are revealed and the madness of the evening runs from sexual fantasy to fiercest nightmare. Mary finds herself drawn into the sick world of her lover Shelley and cousin Claire as Byron leads them all down the dark paths of their souls.

Director : Ken RUSSELL

He began the director by making several short films that are acclaimed for his attention to detail and opulent visuals. Women in Love(1969) was a triumph and he became an internationally known filmmaker. In the 1970s, his talent truly blossomed. Over the next 2 decades, he would direct a succession of remarkable films.