Outlaw on a Donkey


Info 15 ke  35mm / Color /
Director AN Il-Nam
Country Korea
Release 1970
Running Time 100 Min
Category Feature / Fiction
Code Theater Time
422 Primus Cinema Sopoooong 11 07/23  14:00

A stranger on a donkey rides into the lawless village run by Sancho and his gang. Sancho tries to kill him in vain. One day Piri, a sheriff"s son, comes to ask the stranger to save his mother who has been captured by Sancho. The film unfolds comic western story in the surprisingly awkward Juxtaposition of macaroni western-esque stage and common rural landscape of Korea.

Director : AN Il-Nam

He worked as Assistant Director for the film, Len’s Sonata(1969). His director debut comedy film is Outlaw on a Donkey(1970) starring Koo Bong Seo, Seo Young Choon, Yang Hun, Oh Kyung Ah, Bang In Ja and more.