A Car Moves By Water


Info 15 ke  35mm / Color /
Director LEE Hyung Pyo
Country Korea
Release 1974
Running Time 90 Min
Category Feature / Fiction
Code Theater Time
721 Primus Cinema Sopoooong 11 07/26  14:00

There are 3 friends who live in a barrack. Won Dae studies about energy made of water, Cheol Kwon is an athlete and Yun Su is a drummer. The next door is a big house where a writer Mun Hee, a painter Mi Kyeong and a singer Su Ae move in. These youngsters irritate nerves each other from the first day and continue to dispute.

Director : LEE Hyung Pyo

He started working for the film industry by translating American PR film. In 1958, he took classes in screenwriting, directing, camera at Shin Film. He debuted as a director with Under the Sky of Seoul(1961). Throughout 25 years of career in film, he made more than 80 films