The Quiet Family

Fight Comedy

Info 18 ke  35mm / Color / Dolby SR
Director KIM Jee Woon
Country Korea
Release 1998
Running Time 99 Min
Category Feature / Fiction
Cast PARK Inwhan, NAH Moonhee, CHOI Minsik
Code Theater Time
131 Primus Cinema Sopoooong 11 07/20  20:00

After the father"s dismissal from his company, a family decides to open a mountain lodge in the suburbs of Seoul. Although they initially expect a rush of lodgers, the mansion is empty for days. As a result, the family become nervous.

Director : KIM Jee Woon

Since making his feature debut with the comedy slasher, A Quiet Family(1998), he has made films in the various genre. His major works include A Bittersweet Life(2005), The Good, The Bad, The Weird(2008) and I Saw the Devil(2010). He recently directed The Last Stand(2012) at Hollywood.