Joint Security Area

Info 18 ke  35mm / Color / Dolby SRD
Director PARK Chan Wook
Country Korea
Release 2000
Running Time 109 Min
Category Feature / Fiction
Cast SONG Gangho, LEE Byunghun, LEE Youngae
Code Theater Time
333 Primus Cinema Sopoooong 11 07/22  10:00

A firefight occurs at the "Bridge of No Return" in the DMZ. In order to solve the dispute, the NNSC dispatches half-Korean half-Swiss Army Intelligence Bureau officer, Major Sophie. And the story unravels to reveal a friendship developing among the soldiers. On the night of the firefight...

Director : PARK Chan Wook

He made his debut with a feature, The Moon Is… the Sun’s Dream(1992). Joint Security Area(2000) was a great success to him. Oldboy(2004) won Grand Prix at Cannes Film Festival. He recently directed his first English-language film, Stoker(2011).