A Good Lawyer’s Wife

Info 18 ke  35mm / Color / Dolby SRD
Director IM Sang Soo
Country Korea
Release 2003
Running Time 105 Min
Category Feature / Fiction
Cast Moon Sori, Hwang Jungmin, Yun Yeojung
Code Theater Time
423 Primus Cinema Sopoooong 11 07/23  17:00

Ho Jung is a housewife married to a hard-working lawyer husband Young Jak. A former dancer, still active, Ho Jung practices dance at the local school and bicycles while running her errands. But Ho Jung has mostly settled down to taking care of her precocious 7 year old adopted son Soo In and her eccentric alcoholic father-in-law and secretive mother-in-law.

Director : IM Sang Soo

He made his debut with Girl’s Night Out(1998) after working as screenwriter and assistant director. A Good Lawyer’s Wife(2003) was screened at Venice Film Festival and he has been twice invited to Cannes with The Housemaid(2010) and The Taste of Money(2012).