Bloody Tie

Fight Drug

Info 15 ke  35mm / Color / Dolby SRD
Director CHOI Ho
Country Korea
Release 2006
Running Time 110 Min
Category Feature / Fiction
Cast RYU Seungbum, HWANG Jungmin, KIM Hee Ra
Code Theater Time
624 Primus Cinema Sopoooong 11 07/25  14:00

In Busan, 1998, dealers like the young and entrepreneurial Sang Do are making record profits as the Busan citizens turn to the high to cope with the crisis. Busan Narcotics Detective Doh’s plan is to use Sang Do as a snitch to infiltrate Busan’s top drug ring and wipe out everyone from Sangdo up to the top.

Director : CHOI Ho

He made his debut with Bye Joon(1998). He is famous for writer and director. Bloody Tie(2006) which stands out actor’s impassioned performance was shown an enthusiastic response by the audience. His major works include Who Are U?(2002) and Go Go 70s(2008).