Info 18 ne  HD / Color / Dolby SR
Director HIRAO Takayuki
Country Japan
Release 2012
Running Time 70 Min
Category Feature / Animation
Premiere Asian Premiere
Code Theater Time
307 KOREA MANHWA MUSEUM 07/22  17:00
707 CGV Bucheon 1 07/26  20:00
822 Bucheon City Hall 07/27  24:00

Kaori is vacationing at a resort in Okinawa with friends when she discovers a strange fish with legs. Eventually, this strange fish explodes in numbers and they all come ashore. Swaggering throughout the city, they begin attacking the humans around them…

Director : HIRAO Takayuki

Hirao Takayuki was born in Kagawa. At Mad House, he directed several films such as TEXHNOLYZE and Paranoia Agent. As an executive technician director, he was involved in TV series Futakoi Alternative, Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! and several features, and highly recognized for his first debut feature animation, The Garden of sinners. Besides he is also director of animation part for famous game God Eater.