Info G ke  DV / Color /
Director SHIM Jae Min
Country Korea
Release 2012
Running Time 10 Min
Category Short / Fiction
Premiere World Premiere
Code Theater Time
315 CGV Bucheon 3 07/22  12:00
728 LOTTE CINEMA Bucheon 2 07/26  11:00

Won-Woo dreams of becoming a musician. This audition is a great chance for him, which he might have to just miss because of the after school class. So Seung Hyun helps him skip class….

Director : SHIM Jae Min

Assistant Director : Gi Jeong A
Cinematographer : Lee Jin Woo
Producer : Yoon Woo Sik
Screenplay, Art : Jung Mi Sun
Editor, Sound : Lee Bo Gyeong
Cast : SONG Hae Wook, JANG Dong Gun, KIM Min Jung, JANG Rae Hong
Teaching Assistant : JANG Rae Hong