Flying Pig

Info G nd  HD / Color / Stereo
Director PARK Sung Mi
Country Korea
Release 2011
Running Time 31 Min
Category Short / Fiction
Premiere World Premiere
Code Theater Time
134 LOTTE CINEMA Bucheon 1 07/20  17:00
628 LOTTE CINEMA Bucheon 1 07/25  17:00

A girl who suffers from depression, tries to kill herself. But during her attempt, an envelope arrives in her room. She finds out a paper model kit in the envelope.

Director : PARK Sung Mi

Born in 1979, she studied Film in 3IS((Institut International de l"Image et du Son), France. She has directed shorts, A Wonderful Life in Paris(2007), documentary, Perfect Communication(2008) and short animation, Hopebus, A Love story(2012).