Night Bugs


Info 15 ke  HD / Color / Stereo
Director KIM Tae Yong
Country Korea
Release 2012
Running Time 33 Min
Category Short / Fiction
Premiere World Premiere
Code Theater Time
220 CGV Bucheon 7 07/21  15:00
610 CGV Bucheon 3 07/25  11:00

Han Jae, who pretends to be a gay, lives off of the homosexual. there is Hoon, a cute boy who seems to be attractive and Han Jae lies people that Hoon is his partner.

Director : KIM Tae Yong

He directs short films and worked as assistant director for Exhausted. His last short film, Frozen Land(2010) won the grand prize in the Korean Short Film Competition at the 11th Jeonju International Film Festival and was chosen for Cinefondation at the 63rd Cannes Film Festival.