Goods providing by PiFan Personal goods
- Tent (for 4~5)
- Table (for 4)
- brazier
- barbecue pork & sausages, Kimchi
- Insect repellent
- Necessary equipment for camping except Goods providing by PiFan
- Burners, pans and pots, sleeping bags
- Foods
- Personal equipments
* 1day program (Fri~Sat / Sat~Sun)
* 2days program (Fri~Sun)
* Entrance : 03:00 pm (Entry is closed After 09:00 pm)
* Exit: 01:30 pm
* Parking : Yainsidae parking lot
* According to limit, first come first served.
  - Subject : A party who want to enjoy camping in the city with PiFan.
   - Application Date : June 27th(Wen) ~ Until Sold out
   - Method : Fill out the application form on the film festival website
     ① Filling out application
     ② Deposit
     ③ Confirmation of application
      After we verity your application and deposit, text message and comment on the website will be given to you.
* Cancellation is possible during the cancellation period only. Refund will be processed after finishing the festival.
   - Period for cancellation : Until July 11(Wed) 5 PM
   - Period for Refund : July 30(Mon) ~ Aug 3 (Fri)
※ BBQ and Equipments provided by PiFan depend on applicants. Therefore, cancellation is not possible after the period for cancellation. Please consider this point.

Call : 032 - 327 - 6310 (Extension 176), PiFan management team.
*Participants always wear a bracelet for identification during activity. (Bracelet schall be given at entrance)
* Entry is closed in night(22:00~ Next day 08:00) for safe.
Only possible for participants of camping who wear a bracelet to be admitted.
* Excessive drinking may be limited by the event host.
* Individual's fault, and intentionally caused the accident does not endorse the organizers side.
* Due to an individual's fault, loss of facilities and equipment provided, you will be liable for damages.
* Items lost, stolen, is not responsible for the organizers.